Much more
than plastic cards



Motor Driven Card Reader/Writer
full hard- & firmware compatible with former Omron MKW

The heavy-duty KYOTO card reader/writer made in Japan manages up to 3 technologies together, with built-in 3-track hico/loco switchable magstripe head, optional IC contact chip station, and RFID contactless antenna-ready location. The KYOTO can be upgraded to a speed of twice the standard speed. Last but not least it offers easy thickness adjustment, from ticket to card calibre, including a unique self-adjusting setting covering the entire thickness range.

Typical applications

  • Cash Dispensers
  • Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)
  • POS Terminals
  • Credit Card Checkers
  • ID Card Checkers
  • Electronic Lock Systems
  • Medical Patient Systems
  • Health Control Systems
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Specifications overview

  • Magnetic stripe: Read/Write 3 tracks - HICO/LOCO — ISO 7810 - 7813
  • IC Contact Chip: Read / Write ISO 7816 1-3 IC cards
  • RFID Ready: OEM 13,56 MHz – 125 KHz - Mifare...
  • IStandard I/O output: TTL other optional outputs with KYOTO interface (KI)
  • Card feeding speed: 200 mm/sec - optional 400 mm/sec (High Speed)
  • Weight: Max. 1,9 kg, full equipped
  • Operation Temperature: From - 5°C to +55°C
  • Dimensions: With shutter: 220L x 98W x92H / Without shutter 200L x 98W x 92H


  • Contact Chip Station module
  • RFID adapting plate
  • Interfacing boards - RS232/422/485, USB or TCP/IP ethernet output
  • Shutter module
  • Dubble-Speed card feeding